Polymat - Dinis Cruz

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019

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Show Notes

Following our journey from the devsecops world, this episode is part of a new series of recording from DevSecCon in London (www.devseccon.com).

DevSecCon is a really exciting conference where you can hear really good talk about the devsecops best practice and more.

Our guest for this sessions is Dinis Cruz(@DinisCruz) .

Dinis is working as CISO at Photobox Group.

I finally manage to get Dinis on Cybercroissant that been hard journey to catch the guys but when you manage to do it you won’t regret 🙂

We managed to talk about different topics ranging from Risk Management, Automation, CISO role and much more.

Open your heard and follow-us into the rabbit hole.


  • Passion approach to security [ 01:58 ]
  • Polymath fuelling a new CISO approach [03:18]
  • Explain security to leadership using data as a supporting evidence [05:20]
  • Innovative approach to risk management [07:10]
  • Play the game right for vulnerability management [08:00]
  • Effective collaboration to emphasis collaborative thinking [09:00]
  • How to sell security to other team [10:00]
  • Push to top level [11:52]
  • Derive risk [12:10]
  • Follow James to become a Fixers [12:10]
  • Combine JIRA, git and Neo4J to visualize your data at a large scale [15:10]
  • Scale the risk approach [19:10]
  • Playbook - incident approach [20:00]
  • Next step for automation [22:00]
  • Ted talk - Graph [24:10]
  • Generation Z [25:00]
  • Share your idea to the crowd [25:29]
  • Drive your team by bringing idea on the table [27:00]
  • How to leave enough time to your team to learn [29:00]

Open Security Summit conference here Photobox’s security team here Creative Commons here Imposter Syndrom here

Book recommendation

Generation Z by Dinis Cruz here SecDevOps Risk workflow by Dinis Cruz here

Further reading and brain foods

  • Neil Gaiman talking about how to feel better regarding imposter syndrome here


Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the CISO of the Photobox Group and is focused on creating an team and environment where security is an enabler and accelerator for the business, while securing and protecting the digital assets from existing threats.


William Thiam

William Thiam

Doudou Thiam also known as William was “born and bread” in Dakar. For the last decade a proud Londoner and entrepreneur. Since 2011 my focus is to design and launch high end team head hunting programs. A passion for philosophy, politic and history. Let’ s learn lean and leap together!

Paul Dubourg

Paul Dubourg

Paul Dubourg is your euro citizen…French spanish english The catch…. a classic engineer path..combine with an entrepreunarial spirit in the hacking and cyber world. Now developing 3 cyber practices on compliances and hacking related cyber market he is also delivering a unique cyber masterclass for a nice portifolio of UK and French businesses. Podcast addict since his young age, creating security podcast were a natural step forward.