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#2: Cybersecurity a possible competitive advantage – François Gratiolet

April 07, 2017

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“It’s a question of doing the right thing at the right time” – Francois Gratiolet

Our guest is François Gratiolet (@gratiolet), the Founder and Managing Partner of BUSINESS DIGITAL SECURITY, a strategy and marketing advisory consultancy in digital and cybersecurity.

Show Notes
What we do at  Business digital security [02:00]
Strategy: how to leverage on methodology [05:00]
Cyber security a possible competitive advantage [10:00]
GDPR [12:00]
Digital transformation and Cyber security [14:00]
Defining level of investment in Cyber security [17:00]
Business attitude toward Cyber security in France  [22:00]
A new challenge for Executives: managing risk in a complex landscape [28:00]
Driving change by telling the right story  [34:00]
Shortage of skills in Cyber security [37:00]
Challenges of IoT [39:00]
Recommendations [45:00]
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